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(e.g football beer mat)
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Salmon Ladder, One Hour, Pair - Current world record
1. The Salmon Ladder is an obstacle in the Ninja Warrior TV Show. The competitor must grab a bar that which is resting on a pair of notches on two parallel vertical beams. Other sets of notches are placed in higher positions. The succession of rungs are of equal height ranging from 10 inches to 12" or more. The competitor must use his strength and momentum to raise the bar from notch to notch and to go down in the same manner.
The pair record for one hour has been achieved by John Murray Adams and Chaise Moore (both USA). They covered 219 "steps" upwards (35.36 m [212.48 ft]) and 175 "steps" downwards (52.22 m [171.35 ft] on 9 December 2017 at Train Yard 317, Indianapolis, USA.

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