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New claim submitted for Leapfrogging Chain
New claim submitted for Penny Farthing, One Hour, Women
New claim submitted for Joggling, One Mile


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The following page will show the latest press releases regarding the Book of Alternative records

15th February 2007

RECORD HOLDERS REPUBLIC 'World Cup' Challenge among record holders around the world scheduled for last week of April. Venues scheduled so far in the US and the UK.

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8th February 2005

Our very own Dean Gould attempted to beat fellow colleague Ralf Laue's Pancake flipping record at Londons Covert Garden. Dean came close but the world record is still held by Ralf.

Dean Gould Pancake tossing   Group pancake tossing


27th December 2004

"Celebrating the most bizarre claims to fame - Have you ever fancied getting into the record books, even though you know you're no Kelly Holmes? The new Book of Alternative Records, by Philip J Gould and Ralf Laue, celebrates weird and wacky feats from onion eating to underwater monopoly."

The Sun 27 Dec 2004


26th December 2004

"Wacky feats that you should NOT try at home. - The Book of Alternative Records has an amazing list of odd achievements that you might just be able to better if only you knew about them."

The People 26 Dec 2004


1st November 2004

A succssful launch of The Book of Alternative Records was held at Felixstowe in Suffolk. Dean Gould, Nick Claydon and Phillip Gould were all present at the launch event where Dean performed many of his world records. David Downes also gave his support. The event was very successfull and attracted local tv / press.

23rd September 2004

The Book of Alternative Records will be released on 22nd October 2004. You can pre order your copy at all good book shops as well as pre ordering online by clicking here.

15th September 2004

A copy of the cover of the Book of Alternative Records can be downloaded HERE Book of Alternative Records cover (246 KB)
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