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Listed below are the verified claims for the record listed.

Push-ups, 4 Hours Relay - Current world record
1. A team of ten members of the British Army did 19,130 push-ups in 4 hours at on 30 January 2020 at RAF Digby, UK. At each point of time, only one team member was allowed to do push-ups. The record breakers were SSgt Thomas Whitehead, SSgt Andy Kohut, Sgt Steve Morris, Sgt Trev Dewhurst, Cpl Pete Harvey-Jones, Cpl Scott Petrulis, Cpl Connor Woods, Cpl Matthew Love, LCpl Connor Duncan and LCpl Joe Daviot.

Previous verified claims
1. A team of ten from Owensboro Middle School (Kentucky, USA) did 17,104 push-ups in 4 hours on 30 June 2012. At each point of time, only one team member was allowed to do push-ups. The team members were Bob O'Brien, Mark Kahn, Scott Lowe, James Egbert, Marcus Winstead, Khiry Maddox, Collin Carrico, Mazden Ng, Anthony Tate and Chris Vessels.
2. Ten BAA Gatwick firefighters (Andrew Horstead, Clwyd Jones, Stuart Coxhill, Steven Bartlett, Jerramy Davison, Darryl Graham, Albert Lawson, Luke Philpott, Darren Hollman, Ian Mclean) managed exactly 14,907 pushups in four hours in the departure longue at Gatwick airport on 18 November 2005. Airport workers supported their record and helped the team raise 3,500 Pound for Children in Need.
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