The Book of Alternative Records
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New claim submitted for Joggling, 6 Hours
New claim submitted for Heading a Basketball
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Welcome to The Book of Alternative Records, home to the collection of weird, crazy, incredible and unusual feats of dexterity, endurance, strength and agility. If you’re into running backwards, collecting air-sickness bags, balancing things on your chin or eating the most baked beans in a minute, or any of thousands of other unusual records, this is the right place to be.

Within this site you will find a selection of world records featured in our book, including "The longest gum wrapper chain" and "The longest strawberry cake", and you have the opportunity to become a world record holder your self. If you have a fresh idea for a world record and you wish to attempt it, please contact us with further details and ask for guidelines – we want to hear from you.

Our amazing book is not only an amazing compendium of achievable records; it profiles many record-holding greats, such as John Evans (Head Balancing multi-record holder), Dean Gould (Egg Balancing, beer mat flipping and coin snatching), Peter Dowdeswell (Eating and drinking records) and Paddy Doyle (strength and endurance records) amongst others.

The Book of Alternative Records is available now in all good bookshops priced £9.99, or can be purchased online via our website shop and save 30%.

The Book of Alternative Records
The Book of Alternative records - World records, record breakers and more!

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